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tv anya


You scored as The White Ajah.

You are best suited for the White Ajah. The members of this Ajah are cool-headed thinkers that put their minds before their hearts. Their mandate is logic. They are typically frosty in manner, and snobbish to the other Aes Sedai. They think much of themselves and tend to talk down to others, including those of higher rank. However, their counsel is respected and sought above all others.

The White Ajah 100%
The Red Ajah 80%
The Gray Ajah 60%
The Brown Ajah 60%
The Green Ajah 50%
The Yellow Ajah 50%
The Black Ajah 40%
The Blue Ajah 30%

No surprise there. I'm White to the core.


WOW!! Thats amazing Anya!