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tv anya

What I don't understand...

is how people who have absolutely nothing to do with a particular case are "victims". In this current case, the family of the person who shot himself are claiming that they are the victims and insisted that they be heard the other day with the DA. If anyone is a victim, it certainly isn't them. This case has absolutely nothing to do with them. Now families of police get special treatment? Like I've said before if the deceaded didn't get the gun where he did, he would have gotten it elsewhere. He certainly knew how.

They are certainly getting the one thing that they wanted - they are breaking up my family. My husband isn't taking this seriously - he still thinks he's going to walk away from all this. Each day I feel us growing farther apart. Its taking its toll on me something fierce. I'm trying to keep hold and pray for better times. It's not going to get better if he doesn't start taking things seriously. The attorney warned him to get the ammo and stuff out of the house. He hasn't lifted a finger to make any calls to get rid of the stuff. I'm tired of telling him what he needs to do. I tell him to stay away from certain friends, but he doesn't listen there either. He keeps going to this one friend, and that's the last place he needs to go right now. I'm getting tired of him not listening to the things he needs to do to make him look good in the eyes of the court. If he doesn't start shaping up and taking this seriously, I'm going to show him where the door is. He needs to get it through his thick head that there is a very real chance the DA won't want to budge on the 36/36 deal.


:\ That's not good. I don't know how I'd be reacting in that situation, but it wouldn't be pretty. I hope he starts realizing that prison time is serious, and 36 months away from you and 36 months with his life under a microscope is not fun. :\
He doesn't seem to understand that for the same reasons he can't ask this person for a character reference, he shouldn't be associating with him at this time.