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What would LJ be without an occassional meme

Your result for The NYC Sidewalk Etiquette Test...

The Sidewalk Savvy

You scored a 50 on Savvy

You're probably a resident of NYC, but you may not have always lived there. You sure know your way around a city sidewalk: you cross the street when the orange hand is flashing, but you do so with haste and only when the traffic light is still green. You have manners, but don't take sh*t from anyone. You know enough to keep your bag close to your body, but you aren't about to clutch it in a death grip, either. You'll get to your destinations quickly and with ease, despite the group of gawking tourists taking pictures right in the middle of the sidewalk. The people walking 4-wide down the sidewalk slowly do irritate you, but don't worry: you'll bypass them in no time.

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