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tv anya


is the day we learn what's going to happen next. Why can't this just go away. This is turning into a frackin' witch hunt because the suicide victim's brothers were cops.

To top it off my Gyn wants to do a biopsy of endometrial lining in my uterus. Suddenly its a big deal that I haven't had my period in a few months? This has been going on for over ten years, and my prior doctor didn't seem too concerned. He did a "cleaning", checked to make sure everything was ok, and never said anything else. A note for the wise, if your doctor wants to do this as an in-office proceedure, tell him no. The post-proceedure cramps are 10 times worse than the worse period cramps you ever had. Opt for the DNC - less painful and you have better anestesia choices (as opposed to none for the in-office). My only hope right now is that I have someone to take me home afterwards. :(