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tv anya

It could be worse

Well at least is not 10 years. They said the max he would get is 18 months in and 18 months probation. They usually give this when the prior felony was less than 10 years old. In our case, the prior felony was over 30 years old, and a stupid thing to boot. That probably explains why no one thought it was a felony in the first place. (he got nailed and charged with this felony because he was waiting for a ride home and his friend was in the other room trying to sell pot to a cop, so they nailed him with a goofy conspiracy to sell charge)

Well anyhow, we are hoping for much less than that because of the silly nature of the prior crime (being in the wrong place at the wrong time)and the fact that its been over 30 years. Will post more when I can. for now I can't say more than this.