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tv anya

Attorneys and Guns

Basically now its just sit and wait. The ATF has the guns, and they can keep them, if it means hubby can stay at home. Truthfully, in my opinion they don't have much of a case since the guns don't belong to my husband. They were collectors pieces (with the exception of 3, they were all over 40 years old - including the 2 from my dad) that were being cleaned up to be sold in the fall.

We got an attorney to protect my husband. I'm thinking about getting one for myself who specializes in 2nd amendment case law. Right now we don't know how MPD wants to proceed, so its sit and wait. If MPD calls they get sent to the attorney. They won't be too happy about that. And all this started because one of my husband's friends wanted to borrow a gun for target shooting.

*Note to gun owners out there: Never let anyone borrow your guns - its not worth the trouble*

Well the mood is getting better. No longer pissed off, just annoyed.