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A personal life update

Nothing much happening in the personal realm.

I've been working hard lately. I worked again this Saturday. It seems to be about once every third Saturday which isn't too bad and I don't have to change out of my pj's (big bonus there).

Today hubby and I got up early. You'd think since we had the extra hour we'd sleep later, but we were up at 7 am. Since we were up early we decided to go down to the flea market in Daytona. Nothing much. I personally didn't find anything I liked.

Other than that all is going well. The money situation is much improved now.

I even found myself a s'redit. Here's a picture from the webkinz website.

He was too cute to pass up.

New car working great.


I remember the flea market in Daytona! Do they still make funnel cakes?

I grew up in Port Orange. :)
Didn't have any, but you can't mistake the smell of them making the funnel cakes.