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tv anya

Work...just wish there was a bit more of it right now, but I'm happy for the current slowness. Its not too slow, but the slowness gives me a bit more time to goof off. I know, not good, but boss is the type that so long as the work gets done she's ok with it.

So what to do with the Ms. know-it-all co-worker. She's not asking questions anymore, and not acting like she knows it all, so that much is better. She still wears this nasty perfume. I have a very sensitive nose and am not big on smells. However this perfume doesn't even smell anywhere near decent. :o How does one tell someone nicely that they smell like a dead, decaying rat without hurting their feelings? I've tried looking behind the copier for the "dead rat", but she didn't get it (she sits on the other side of the 1/2 wall from the copier. :(