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tv anya

Shaking a strained money tree

After Dragon*Con and spending twice as much on the credit card than I would have liked (but it was worth it) yesterday didn't really help matters.

I knew Rafta had to go to the vet yesterday for his final shots. I was hoping it would be about $100. With the final deworming and the licensing fee, it ended up being over $150. Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. The kitty's Litter Maid finally gave up. I knew the motor was going, but I was hoping it would last one more week. No such luck. It ended up being another $170 that I put on the credit card (don't worry - I'm no where near my maximum). I decided to get the larger, deluxe model in hopes it would last a bit longer - the other actually lasted over a year. This one seems a bit better - even the motor is quieter. It may sound like a frivilous purchase, but my female kitty is most particular about her box. If it isn't absolutely clean each and every time she goes, she won't use it. This way, I add litter about once a day, empty the recepticle and the box itself is always clean.

We'll be ok. We just need to get the credit card back down to zero. If I can pay a minimum of about 1000 a month and not add anything, I should be able to do so in about three months.

I hope to do it as I need to purchase airline tickets to New York City for Mother's Day weekend as hubby and I promised both Nicole and Courtney that we would be there for their first communnions. Well, its Nicole's turn. Courtney's isn't until 2010. I also want to get an American Girl doll for Nicole for the occassion. For Christmas, I want to get her the Little House series of books. She's the type that, with proper nudging, can become an avid reader. Nicole's very much like her mother.

Courtney is a much more tactile child - she's the one that will learn knitting, crocheting, sewing, costuming and more. She's the type that's willing to learn if there is something that can be created. When I was last there she actually wanted to learn to crochet. The desire was there, however the dexterity was not (she was 3 at the time). I'll try again when I see her this year. Perhaps at 5.5 her dexterity has caught up to her desire. She'll learn sewing and costuming from her grandmother who is an excellent seamstress. Courtney's like me and her grandmother - and will definately learn the love of creating. For Christmas, I'll make her a crocheted blanket and I'll get some quilted fabric and make her and Nicole some bags that they can use as overnight bags for when they go to their Aunt's house.

My other niece, the pookie will get some handmade gifts too.


lol! I was planting the desire to learn to crochet in my friends 6mo old << >>

as for the neice: if she can't get crochet, teach her to finger weave, if she doesn't know it already. it just makes a long chain, but it's fun!

Oh, and I'll probably still be working at the book store, so I can hook you up on the book set ;)
Bekah brought home the scholastic book orders- they have the boxed set for 22.95... just fyi
One word, hon, EBAY! I've been putting everything I don't need or want anymore on eBay and I've raised over $500 for my trip to San Diego and the buyers have paid to ship it outta here!
There's really nothing left for ebay. Once I get some more jewelry made, I'll open an etsy shop and start selling them.