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tv anya

D*Con 2007

Hubby and I had a wonderful time at D*Con this year. We stayed at the Hilton. It was a great room - very spacious. We will definately stay at the Hilton again. We visited the Dealer's Room and got some swords, an underbust corset that matches my shawl, a purple and black overbust corset, some books, and a japanese dragon picture for the wall. We went to several panels, the Eye of the World Interpretive Dance, the Winespring Inn party as well as getting together with everyone from TarValon.net and TowersofLight.net.

We will definately be back next year. I miss everyone already.


So that's where you were!! I wondered why I didn't get to see you nearly as much as I wanted to *hug*
Welcome back Anya :hug Thanks for the pix!!! It looks like you had a great time and I am still green with envy :lol