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tv anya

I left my heart in Corpus Christi

Going tomorrow to Wisconsin Dells for an overnight at the Wilderness. :joy. Almost free overnight trip (expenses are: a tank of gas at $2.59 x 20 gallons and $16 x 3 to board the doggy and about $30 for her to get a bath) is a good thing. How often does anyone get to go away and spend around $100.

Just wish I was in Corpus Christi though. Would have loved to have gone to Anni, but then again, I probably would not have been raised to AS until tonight. Just about finished with the shawl I made for myself. Just working on the knotwork on the fringe. Yes, pics to follow.


We'll all meet you one day! *snug*
I'll be at D*Con. Perhaps we'll meet then.