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I must be dreaming....

Today I went to Regency Square mall with hubby. He wanted to go to a store which made custom plates (for cars). When we got there hubby had to go to the restroom so I decided to look in Lane Bryant while he was occupied. I went in and looked around and stopped because I saw they had a new unique styling in jeans.

Now I have a real hard time finding a traditional pair of jeans (with a button and zipper in front) that actually fits property. Ones that fit are usually baggy in back at the waist and too tight in the front and the button digs into my belly. So I just don't wear jeans.

Stopping to look at these jeans, the sales person asked if I wanted to try a pair on. As I like wearing jeans and was intrigued by the new styling (straight, somewhat curvy and very curvy), so I decided to try on a pair. As its been quite a while, she measured me for my correct fit (which was between the last two, but closer to the very curvy) and gave me one of each. Knowing my fitting problems I tried on the very curvy first and they fit perfectly. I decided to sit with them on to see if I have the "belly dig" problem. Guess what? No "belly dig". Woot!!! I found me a pair of jeans.

My hat goes off to the person or persons who finally realized that women are not built like men.

3 work days to go for me and 2 for hubby before D*Con!!! We'll be leaving Thursday after rush hour and will be in Atlanta pretty much on time for check-in.

I'm finishing up my blue-fringed shawl for the Towers of Light gathering, as I'm a Blue Aes Sedai there. I just have to add the fringe and the trim around the flame and I'll be done. Don't worry - I'll post a picture before I leave.


Oooooh! They will measure you in the store to help determine which one would work best for you? Fabulous! I'd seen them online, but wasn't sure which I should select. Thanks for the tip! *snuggles*

And have fun at DCon! Berior and Badria are staying at my house till Thursday when they head to DCon.