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tv anya

Job interviews

I had a job interview today for a job this is actually a cross-move for me. I had a bit of a hard time finding the place because its in a residential neighborhood. Got there a few minutes late :( and I apologized profusely for it. (Darn google with their wacky directions - they actually got me kinda lost) However, the interview went extremely well in my opinion and I hope I do get the job. Its actually about 10 minutes away from where hubby works so that will work out pretty well.

To start, if I get the job, I will be making $12/hr. Once I pass training and probation I have the possibility of making 15/hr to 20/hr as I will be paid by how many reports I type during the day ($10/report and each takes 30 to 45 mins to type). I type rather quickly so it will work out just fine. No bennies, but that's ok. I can get hospitalization through my insurance agent and my meds are actually real cheap.(they are all on the Wal-Mart $4.00 list) As I don't really get that sick, paying for dr. visits isn't all that bad and in 3 years hubby's insurance will be changing from the hospitalization to Medicare supplemental anyway.

well here's to hoping.... [I will get this job, I will get this job]

In better news - I got my D*Con costumes today.

Edit 1: Pictures:

1 - this corset and skirt (in blue)

2 - this corset (in blue)

3- this doublet for hubby:

4 - these 2 piratey costumes for hubby:

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yay for the interview going well, I hope you get the job!

and we wantses pictures of the Con costumes, yes we do :tug
edited to add pictures. :D
Such a good n obedient lil' Serenla :D

*snuggles muchly*

So pretty!
I must say, those dresses are most gorgeous.
Good luck on the interview, and I have to say that I LOVE that first corset/skirt combo. *drool*
Lovely, gorgeous dresses! *drools*

I hope you get the job! :D
Nifty outfits! \o/

And GOOD LUCK on the job!! *hugs*