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solar system

a day in the life

Well - last night hubby and I headed down to the beach to see if we could see the meteor shower last night. It was a no-go. Too cloudy.

Today was an interesting day. I applied for a few positions (haven't heard anything back yet) then hubby and I decided to go for a ride as today is his day off. On our ride we saw the funeral procession for a local military member killed in Iraq (complete with the motorcycle riding veteran honor guard)and a crime scene (a check cashing place) when we stopped to get some chinese food for dinner from a place on Beach called Happy Wok. The food was ok - nothing great.

Rafta is getting bigger. His favorite thing is going with hubby to get the mail. Today he actually got to meet the mailman. :P He is also able to jump into the bathtub now. Oh joy taking showers are now going to be fun.

I put my application in to Aspire last night. I'm just waiting for acceptance, which will come in a few days.