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solar system

It's hot in here

Damn A/C stopped working again. Outside it felt like 107F/42C earlier. Now it feels like 96F/35.5C. The maintenance men finally came. They gave us a window unit for our bedroom until they fix it tomorrow.

I definately need a new unit. They've tried everything to fix it to no avail. They'll need to clean the vents too as it doesn't really cool in the bedroom.

It's cooling down in the bedroom right now. Hopefully by 11 it will be cool enough in there to go to bed.

I'm definately going to complain tomorrow about their emergency answering service. The lady there was real snotty and hung up on me.

Other than that I have an interview at Convergys next week for a Customer Service rep. If the lady at the answering service is how Customer service reps act nowadays I shouldn't have any problems doing a customer service job.

I wonder what this world is coming to if you can't get good customer service anymore.