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solar system

one down - one to go

Had to get my van fixed. The "check engine light" came on. :grumble This is either a quick fix (reset the computer) or a very expensive fix (replace engine) or something in between. Luckily mine was more toward the quick fix. The computer needed resetting and the Oxygen sensor needed replacing. While I was at it I decided to get it tuned up as I'm at almost 90K miles on the van. Works much better now. Last night I was quoted almost $650 for the repairs and the tune-up. When I picked up the car this morning, as the labor wasn't as intensive as they thought it ended up only being $460. (yay for charging less)

While we were there hubby decided to see if they needed anyone in the parts department. The parts manager gave him an application and told him to bring it back within the next day or so. He got the application this morning just before noon and we decided to bring it back about 3 this afternoon. After talking with the parts manager this afternoon for over half an hour he comes out with paperwork he didn't go in with.

He was trying to keep a straight face and not give away what transpired, but the green folder he left with gave away something. He got a job. He starts Monday. (usual hours are Tues to Friday 7:30 to 4:30 and 8 to 5 on Saturday) He just needs to go for a drug test tomorrow.

Now its my turn. But I have an interview tomorrow afternoon.

On a lighter note I could make $200 off my rent if I know anyone who needs an apartment in Jax. Unfortunately I don't. :(

And last night both kitties decided to play "lets pounce on the bed" in the middle of the night. Its hard getting sleep while you have 2 kitties pouncing on the bed. Rafta stopped when we kicked him off the bed twice. He didn't come back. Libby settled down. Hopefully she'll come out later when things quiet down. The neighbors across the hall appear to be moving so they are making way too much noise for her to come out.
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