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Rafta update

He's getting bigger and stronger everyday. Rafta and Libby are even getting along better and more and more he's acting like he's the bigger kitty - that is certainly not the case as Rafta is about 3.5# and Libby is 14#. He's also gotten Libby to come out more often which is good.

However there's still more he's got to learn. We tried using a water spray but he likes water. We've had to use canned air to get the necessary effect. I tried it on my self before using it on him - it doesn't hurt just makes him jump and run.

Last night he jumped up on the bed for the first time. Lots of fun considering it was the middle of the night. He doesn't realize that the bed is for sleeping yet. He wanted to play. After chasing him off the bed 2 or 3 times he finally got the idea and left us alone.

He also found the draw pulls on hubby's chest of drawers. Instead of knob pulls, we have knocker pulls. Its annoying when you are trying to sleep and you hear the click-click of the knockers.

Other than that he's settling in nicely and being a good boy.