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blue ajah

: D

I've made my decision on where I'm going to Aspire. I guess I knew it all along. I wanted to make sure. After spending a few days with the Browns and Grays I knew that, just like with the Greens, its not where I belong.

Unfortunately I cannot officially send in my application to Aspire until August 12. I'll be asking to return to the Blue Halls on Monday.

*schnuggles the Blues*


*snugses her Serenla* :D

Yayness, we'll be glad to have you back with us :D
Glad you found your home! *hugs*
Yay for finding your Ajah! :D
Congrats on finding your home, Anya. :)
That means we're stuck with you, eh?


*cough* << >>

Congratulations, that GREAT, Anya! :D