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Its getting fustrating

I've been looking for work and having a real hard time at it. Everything I looked into said we wouldn't have problems finding jobs - there were plenty of jobs here in Jacksonville. We are both getting real fustrated. Every time hubby applies for a job it seems they just ignore his application once they read the box which asks if he's been convicted of a crime. We were told by many people that this would not hold him back, but it definately is.

The only company I've heard back from is Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They've asked for information to do a background check. It will be a blessing if I can move pass this. I certainly want a job. Hubby at least can apply for Social Security. Its less than 900 a month but its better than no money at all.


ack! that must be frustrating >_< I hope you're both able to find a job soon.