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solar system

Saw HP 5 today

Finally got around to seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I did enjoy the movie, and yes it did seem rushed - but over all it was good. Best part about it was that it was almost free.

In the theater I was in 20 minutes after the movie started the movie stopped and the lights came up. Problem with the projection system. They moved us to another theater where the movie was about to start and to boot they gave us rain check passes to see another movie of our choice on another date. So we are getting to see 2 movies for the price of one. Sweet!

We're going to have to think about which one.

I finally figured out what was wrong with my main computer - just a loose connection - I thought it was much worse. I went today and got new memory (I'm going from 512mb to 2gb)so I'm going to go put the new memory in and set the loose connection right. Hope all goes well.

On another note- I see Azzy isn't the only one with a wayword soul. Seems while he was away hubby picked up a few bad habits. He knows I hate when he scares me while driving but he decided to do it yesterday while Azzy was in the car with us. Sorry sis - you didn't need to see that. Everythings ok - he just needs to remember not to do that.


Go see the new Hairspray movie next weekend with your rain checks!! It will make you smile :-) I mean, c'mon! John Travolta in drag?? What's not to smile about? LOL!
Suggested it. This one is a definate no-go with hubby.