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tv anya

It's going to feel weird at first....

Tomorrow I take a step back to Accepted at TarValon.net. It's definately going to feel weird saying "Sedai" and "Gaidin" again, but its a choice I made willingly.

So today, I'll be posting my goodbye thread in the White Halls.


It is a very weird transition, but one that is very much worth it in the long run. Just give yourself lots of time and remain open minded and aware of your reactions throughout the entire process. It's better to be sure before you take the next step forward, than to make it in haste and wonder.

*hugs* Good luck in finding your new home.
You're brave, sweetheart *snuggles*

Good luck on finding your home, indeed. If there's ever anything I can do to help you along the way, let me know, hm?

If you need anyone to talk to during the demotion time, you know I'm always here... It has been a really hard process for me, and I wish you much luck!
Hey... can imagine that's hard, certainly! I wish you the best of luck though! :) You'll be fine.

Plus, I'll probably be Accepted with you, so I'll be visiting your room lots! ^_^

How daunting, yet how exciting! I wish you the very best. *snuggle*
I'm so proud of you sister, for doing what you feel is right. Now you can move forward again, and go where it is your heart tells you to go..