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What a day

Well - no jobs yet, but we didn't go looking for them either. However we did have a few things to take care of -- Like getting drivers licenses and such.

So - we go to the DMV with all the documents we were told to bring pursuant to the website - only to find out that it isn't enough. It seems we also need birth certificates. I'm like WTF - their own website says we don't - that the license from our old state was more than enough along with something mailed to our new mailing address.

So we go all the way back to the house to get the documents and find a different office to go to. We decided to go to the Tax Collector's office in Mandarin as they do Driver's Licenses too. It was well worth the extra 5.25 that they charge for the service as we waited nearly no time at all to be called there. However once they started helping my husband with his license service the DMV computers go down statewide. We leave with a phone number to call to find out if/when the computers would come up.

So we leave and decide to check out the bead store near the house. We found a few things there and spoke at length with the owner of the shop. After I went back to the apartment as it was around the corner and hubby went to the hobby store across the street. Of course he comes back with a few items for which he says he spent waaaay less that he should have. Actually they were having a 50% off sale. Also he may even have a part time job in the fall out of it.

After two hours, we call the phone number for the tax collector's office in Mandarin and find that the computers are back up so we go back. We only waited about 5 minutes to be called and got the licenses. But even then we almost ran into a snafu as our original marriage licence doesn't have a seal. However they let it go through and we got our licenses. (this part would have only affected me as I need the license to prove my name change.)

With that done we decided to go to BJ's wholesale club to try to get our membership cards. However their computers are still down.

The only thing I still don't get is why do you have to go to the DMV for your license and the Tax Collector for your plates and tags...


At least you are no longer in Wisconsin!!!!

*hugs her sister*
but in a year you will be in that god-forsaken state. :cry