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tv anya

Still packing 8 days to go.

Today we got hubby's "B" boxes packed. We still have to finish packing his shoes, but we're pretty much done packing clothes. We checked in the attic for what we are going to take (not much - basically all we found was extra ferret bedding and other various stuffies that we never went through after we moved into the house). Hubby still has to go through his tools and make sure everything he's taking fits into the one tool chest.

Then its packing the wine and booze. We got boxes from the Container Store to hold the wine bottles and a few of the booze bottles that are of similar shape.

Tomorrow I'm gonna pack up the pots/pans we don't use daily (i.e. the crock pot, grill and griddle) and pack away my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, bread machine and toaster. Also some the remaining flatware, save two forks, two spoons and two knives. That'll leave the stock pot, frypan, small pot for melting butter and popcorn and popcorn maker for the weekend.

That's pretty much it. Save the computer stuff, of course. The computers will be packed away on Sunday next, after the internet is disconnected.

I'll post at least once more before then.

I also hope that Azz's trip to Wisconsin and back home went well. I'm sorry we couldn't get together when you came into Wisconsin on Friday (I was in Schaumburg, IL at Ikea) but I'll see you on the 20th!