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solar system


Yesterday my husband's family celebrated a very happy occassion. The celebration of his uncle's golden anniversary in service to the priesthood.

Unfortunately we also received the news that another of Jim's uncles has been given mere days to live. The cancer he's been fighting has entered its final stages and all they can do now is give him medicines to comfort him in his final days.

And for me, I've been wanting to pack stuff the last few days but couldn't because I've been suffering from vertigo. Thinking it was a problem with my bp meds, I went to the clinic to find out if that was the case. Turns out I have an inner ear infection because I've been suffering from an upper respiratory viral infection. I was told to take an antihistime for a few days and see if it helps and if not, go see my doctor. Well, good news is its definately helping. Its been just over an hour since I took the antihistime and the vertigo has subsided. :joy Perhaps I can pack a few boxes tomorrow, do some laundry (this is desperate) and wash the pile of knives and spoons in my sink.