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tv anya

Greetings from the Zoo of Cardboard Boxes

Day Counter: 15 till hubby home for good 25 until we get the moving truck 28 until we are at the apartment in Florida.

The letter system for moving is: B - bedroom; C-other bedroom; p-bathroom; L - living room; Lin - Linen closet; D-dining room, K-kitchen

I definately need to have some that say "K" packed soon, as well as "B".

Actually I do have "B"'s packed - I just need to move them out of my closet to the staging area.

I can't believe that its now less than a month before we pick up the truck. Time is now going fast. I've decided to bring some foodstuffs along - non-perishibles - mostly boxes of Mac and Cheese, ramen noodles, pasta and a few other things that I recently bought and haven't gotten around to making. The few spices I use on a regular basis. Unopend jar(s) of peanut butter. Stuff like that. When I get down there, I'm looking to spend 300 to 500 to replace the necessary staples including cleaning stuffies. (Azz when I get down there remind me to add Cascade and JetDry to that list).

It's warming up here in Wisconsin, but so far, no ciccaidas. ::squirm:: hate bug swarms ::squirm::

I'm becoming a more noticable presence at Towers of Light. At TarValon.net I'm trying to avoid the SM forums as on July 1 I will not be able to see them. I have also decided which Ajah's I'm going to guest with while as an Accepted, but I'll keep everyone guessing a little while longer (but I think those that know me, have an idea where I'm going to start

Well - that's it for now.


good luck with the rest of packing!*snuggle*

add cascade and jetdry to your list, when you get down here.

Not now, when we see each other. :P
You're so much more organized than I was. Heh.

Good luck with the packing!
I'm trying, however, I've seem to become quite lazy lately in response to the packing.