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tv anya

here, there, everywhere

I'm gonna try to pack at least 6 boxes tomorrow, as I have off work. I really need to finish with my closet - I know I have a few pairs of shoes that can go by the wayside. I hope I don't have a problem finding a place to work that allows me to wear my sandals. I really don't like wearing pantyhose, and prefer dressing business casual and my birki's to dress up. I've always worked in places that allowed business casual (and jeans once a week) and to wear sandals in the summer. But then again, who wants to visit the person whose typing the reports for foreclosures? Occassionally a client comes in wanting to meet everyone, but they understand that my line of work is more business casual. I've even worked in a place where I was allowed to wear jeans every day if I wanted.

Well, other than that, I'm scrambling around trying to find a dentist for my husband because he broke his upper plate. (due to a severe oral infection that was not treated properly he lost all his teeth about 15 years ago) Hopefully we can get the new teeth for him before we leave for Florida. This will run in the area of about $2,000.00.

We also set up the pickup of the u-haul truck and trailer for our move. That's another $1500. That does not include gas or overnight lodging on the way down. So, we pick up on the 18th and pack it up on the 18th too. Drive the 19th and 20th. Unpack and return on the 21st.

My brother's birthday was yesterday. That's neither here nor there. He's also moving the same week we are, but not as far. (random factoid) He's only moving about 25 miles away from where he lives now and I'm moving over a thousand.

Its finally warm enough here to open a window. Kitty is having a blast watching the birds fly by the window and all the sounds they make. But at least she tells me when the mailman arrives (if I'm home at the time) because when she hears him/her step onto the porch, she goes and hides under my ottoman. When we first got her she was curious about other people. Now she only interacts with me and hubby. Well - that's a cat for you.

I beaded a memory wire bracelet and am working on the peyote tube neclace that my husband asked me to make to showcase a cross pendant. (Pix forthcoming) I've also been working with some actual freshwater pearls and unfacted garnet beads.

Work's going ok. Only working 3 days this week. Its good to have a few days off to catch up on zzzz's and packing.
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