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tv anya

its been a while.

Yea, I know --- its been a while.

I've been busy paring down and throwing stuff out preparing for the move. Between that and work I can barely catch my breath. Its still about 7 weeks before hubby comes home for good and about 8 or 9 weeks until we leave.

I got my membership cards for D*Con today. They were supposed to send them to my Florida address and not to my Wisconsin address. Now I hope I don't loose them in the move. :grumble

Anyway it will be good to leave live here behind and start new in Florida. We got an apartment!!! Its a 2 br/1ba, with a decent amount of space.

I finally found some new pants this weekend. Its has been a pain in the butt to find pants that I like. Everywhere I go all I find are capris. I don't like capris. I'm short and the capris look like I'm wearing highwaters. Trust me, its not a flattering look.

I've had this cold hanging on for a week now. I'm finally starting to feel better, but I still have a bit of a post nasal drip.


You don't need the card to check in, Anya. :) It's a nice gesture they send you a reminder, but they will be very happy to service you in line with the proffering of a proper ID. :) Congrats on your move and good luck to you!
I know - I just would have preferred it down there and not this zoo of cardboard boxes.

Speaking of cardboard boxes, keep a look out for a small white one. :)