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tv anya

This n that

Today I promised myself that I would pack at least one box, so I did.

Other than that I visited the bead store and went to Wal-Mart. I was a little bad today, as I had some chocolate milk. I know I'll pay for tomorrow or the next day but I really wanted the chocolate milk.

I can't believe that we're going to be moving about 10 weeks or so. It seemed like only yesterday that it was months and months away. Before we leave there is a bead Show here in Milwaukee that is open to the public from June 8 to June 10 with a preview night on June 7. Unfortunately I will have to miss the preview night because hubby will have a laundry pass that night and then he will be able to come home for good at 1:00 AM on the eighth.

On June 8 we will be going to the museum of science and industry in Chicago as well as joe's crab shack in Schaumburg. Maybe we will go to Ikea also. After that we will probably go to the bead show on June 9 and then start packing in earnest to leave for Jacksonville sometime between June 15 and June 25. I can't wait to leave Milwaukee for good. It has been a real SHITTY year for both of us not to mention his mom. I wish she would come with us to Jacksonville but she feels at 89 years old she is too old to move anywhere except where she is now. Can't blame her really because her brother and sister are there too. So at least she still has some family nearby.

They actually say that it's going to get warmer next week and should be about 50 on Tuesday. I'll believe that when I see it.

I hope that the cat will not be too traumatized by the move as some cats can be traumatized by such a long distance move. Truthfully I wonder if she realizes that something is amiss.


YAY for hubby getting out, YAY for the move, and YAY for you getting prepared for all of it!

The cat will be fine; mine were scared to death with the flight here, the quarantine at the airport, etc., but now they're just purring away and as obnoxious as ever. *rolleyes*