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tv anya


I'm attempting to learn how to make beaded fringe similar to this:

It's slow going, but we'll see...

I'll post pictures if and when I get anywhere. Right now all I have is 4 strands of beads each 6" long in Blue.

I've got a long way to go.

If all goes well, I hope to bring some samples to the ToL Bash in May.


Beeyootiful! If you figure it out and everything, I might order some from you, if you're going to be accepting orders and not just doing it for fun, that is. :D
We'll see. I wouldn't accept orders until I'm satisfied with the results.
That's gorgeous! how much does it weigh? That would be my only concern shawl-wise. But good luck with it! and definately show pics!
As soon as I have an inch or two strung up I'll get a weight for you.

I wasn't thinking this for the entire fringe but perhaps the first foot on each side to act as a weight to keep it from slipping too much.