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tv anya

It's that one time of year again in America

The State of the Union

So far, Bush is giving a good speech. But then, its just a speech. Chances are, much of what he talked about will not be implemented, either in whole or in part. Life goes on.

The oddest thing I noticed was how Nancy Pelosi dressed for the occassion. I'm sorry, that outfit she wore just doesn't work. A olive-khaki skirt with a mint-green tweed blazer? A winter white sweater with a white camisole underneath? Didn't anyone ever teach her tha you wear skin colored undies under white? Sorry, that's way too casual for her position.

Perhaps Nancy should take dressing lessons from Hillary Clinton, who wore a sharp gray tailored suit and a lavender blouse and a strand of large pearls. She looked, very polished and put together.

I have no predictions about 2008 yet. Do we need a change? Yes. Are we ready for a female president? Time will tell. If its not now, one day it will be.

Right now, its time for bed...