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tv anya


Feeling better - much better. Got the depression and the seasonal afflictive disorder under control. Doc says I can go back to work for about 21 hours a week, now. :D Was doing some contractual work for my bosses here and there. 24 hours in December. After 12 hours last week, they decided to make it 12 hours every week. Yay! The right amount of work and the right amount of $$. Enough to cover all the bills, and a bit left over afterward.

I was doing the work in the evening after everyone left, because of the lack of desk space. Starting on the 22nd, I'll have my own desk again. Next week I have 3 more nights of 4 hours a night, and then it will be from 7:30 to 11:30 in the am Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

Don't mind the shortened hours one bit. I'm still coming home with what I need to survive. After 12+ years of 48 hour weeks, a little break will do me some good.

To celebrate, I purchased some sushi, a book and a computer game from Big Fish Games.

On a lighter note - is it June yet?