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tv anya

Procrastination project No. 1 finished.

Remember the letters? Wasn't able to get around to this while I was sick. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm trying to catch up on what's been put on the back burner.

Azz gave me "S" as my letter. It took me a while to come up with enough words to start this entry.

1 - Sister - That's Azz the bestest sister in the whole wide world. The White's at TarValon.net and the Blue's at TowersofLight.net are right up there, too.

2. Sushi - it was dinner tonight.

3. Syndrome - it seems that everything under the sun in the medical world is either a Syndrome or a Disorder.

4. Singing - I suck at it, but I do it anyway for the sheer annoyance factor.

5. Support - I'm here for you sissy, just like you are here for me.

6. Struggle - trust me - getting the weight off is definately one. 4# down for me from the last report. Though, I should apparently be more concerned about my waist and not the size of my butt...

7. Sample - its what you try not to do while walking through Sam's Club (or Costo Wholesale, or BJ's)

8. Sewer gasses - its what we didn't smell today while visiting hubby.

9. Silly - how I act when I've had either too little sleep or have been up way too long past my bedtime.

10. Stubborn - I can definately be this way, but my mom was the Queen when it came to being stoubborn.

Want your own letter? Just ask, and your wish is my command.


I love you sis.