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tv anya


Definately need to dig that scale out. Need to see if I'm still loosing weight.

Earlier it had started to rain, but it surprised me a bit as I was unaware that it was going to rain. I started to hear these weird noises, which just turned out to be big splochy raindrops hitting the metal overhands of the house.

Saw hubby yesterday. That "lovely" smell was back yesterday. At least it wasn't as bad as last time.

He also called me today. That was nice. I really miss him, but at this point it looks like he won't be able to come home before June 8. They're just being snots about the ES.

now to go get that scale

EDIT: Dug out the scale - can't weigh myself because the batteries in the darn thing are dang near dead. Oh well - looks like a visit to batteries plus is in order tomorrow - with scale in tow. Thankfully it ain't that big and it definately isn't heavy.


Hi, and thanx for the add-back...

I do have an embarrassing question, though.

I added you yesterday at about 2AM my time... We don't have any mutual friends or communities here on LJ, so I found you through another site...

I'm really embarassed ti say I can't recall what site that was...I found your MySpace, but that's not it... I also network on deviantART, YouTube, OKCupid, flickr and Yahoo! 360... Do you have an account on any of those??? You can privately if you wish...

Yeah, I know, what a great first impression and a hell of a way to say Hello!
I have an account on MySpace as AnyaSedai.

I don't have a gallery at deviantART, but I know a few of the artists there.

Wait - I know - its the High School. I spent a year at Lincoln before transferring to Sheepshead Bay in 1982.
OH! That must be it...

"Here's to Lincoln... Stinkin' Lincoln...
We are yours for every more!!!"


Oh, yeah... I may have gone to Lincoln, but I hung out at Sheepshead Bay...

Do you remember Sing? Were you ever involved?
never involved with Sing - was too busy being bad in High School.

Sounds like my kind of girl!

Also looks like you were about two years behind me...

Another question: Who's the cutie in the user icon???
Avatar I use on a website I belong to. From what I was able to find out, she's a character from the game Neverwinter Nights.