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tv anya

Not eligible?

Well this doesn't make sense - why bother to tell my husband to apply for electronic survailance at all.

The Correction Officers tell him he's definately eligible, but these same people send him back his request as "not eligible for this program" WTF?

Well it seems these damn old-time politicians feel its ok for someone who is a sex predator or drug dealer is eligible, but someone who is in jail because the laws are worded incorrectly is not? That makes no sense. I've even spoken to the NRA legal council about this and the only reason that my husband is in jail is because of the lack of wording in the law here in Wisconsin. In most other states pre-1985 felonies are not subject to the gun law - but this state REFUSED to allow that wording.

Seems that sexual predators and drug dealers are ok to have on the streets, but someone who should not have been charged with a crime (even the ATF here in Wisconsin is saying this is f'd up) is not.

Go figure.