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September 30th, 2018

tv anya

(no subject)

It was 2012 when I last posted. I'm still in the Charlotte area, and in 6 weeks, I can say I've been employed at the same company for four years. Things have changed since then and things have stayed the same.  Still lean conservative but have become more 'prickly' over the years.  

So a brief catch up: 

 Sadly Obama ended up with an additional four years in office.  During that time the American public became even more divided. The motto of the United States is "United We Stand".  However, the political system we have has worked to divide the country into smaller and smaller groups.  Then the feminists started to vilify ALL men. (more on that later in the post)  FFS, half the country vilifying the other half based on biology.  Not to mention the even stranger shit of there being more than two genders.  A lot more.  From a scientific standpoint there are technically three:  Male, Female or Intersex  

Then when it came time to elect a new president in 2016 we ended up with the following choices:  For the Democrat party: Madame Evil Incarnate who enables a rapist. But for some reason with the Feminist vilifiers, he's ok. This woman also despised our military - and proved it by stranding 4 marines and an ambassasors, causing their deaths.  Benghazi is definately her fault.  It lands squarely on her shoulders as she was Secretary of State at the time and ignored the pleas of the Ambassador when it could have helped.  That was the 'greater evil". 

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