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January 6th, 2012


Obama proves he's nothing more than a dictator


Yesterday Obama made some very controvertial appointments. First Obama termed these "Recess" appointments. Sorry Barry, those can only be made when Congress and the Senate are actually in recess - and they are currently not in recess. So you just circumvented the Constitution and made these appointments. Just more proof that you are not the Constitutional Scholar you claim to be. Anyone who has actually read the Constitution knows that this blatantly violations the tenets of the Constitution.

The first was to head up a new department that has NO Government oversight. First off why do we even need a "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau". Apparently our 'illustrious leader' feels people are no longer able to think for themselves.

Apparently 'Caveat Emptor' has no meaning in today's society.

As for the other appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. Three people who are actually in favor of Unions? Unions are part of the problem in this country. They have unnecessarily inflated wages to heights that are no longer sustainable.

People say they want a 'fair wage'. However those same people go on to say that 'fair wage' means what they feel they deserve to be paid.

That is not a fair wage. A fair wage is what your employer feels your services are worth. That is a fair wage. If you cannot live on this wage, then improve your skills. That doesn't mean going to college and studying modern dance. You get skills that improve yourself in relation to your job.

Anyhow, these too are supposed to be approved by college.

All hail King Obama. The man who thinks WE THE PEOPLE cannot think for ourselves. People - its time for us to tell Obama its time to go. He's bad for our country and we need to send him that message.