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tv anya

Milwaukee County strikes again

Yet again another innocent man goes to Huber Law for a crime he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Remember what I was saying about being in the general vicinity of a drug bust and getting nailed with a FELONY for something you weren't a part of - well it happend yet again.

The scene a 2 family house.

Upper flat the occupant lives a peaceful life. Goes to work, comes home, goes to church and is a generally upstanding member of his community. Does not do drugs. Never ever purchased drugs. Never tried them.

Lower flat totally the opposite. Occupant likes to sell crack cocaine to his buddies and such.

Finally the greedy City of Milwaukee cops have enough and decide to take down this crack house. Well they go in and bust everyone in the lower flat. While looking in the basement they "find" (codeword for planted) some crack in the portion of the basement used by the person in the upper flat.

So now the guy gets to do 4 months in Huber and 3 years probation for "Possession" of a drug that was never ever in his possession. BTW the drug testing that MPD did prove that there was no drugs in his system.

I guess Milwaukee will not be happy until EVERYONE in this town has a FELONY record. This way they will have no trouble tracking anyone as everyone will have a criminal record.