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tv anya

this is not a quest for a political debate

Yesterday before work I actually got up about 20 minutes early. That means I can usually watch about 10 minutes worth of TV before I have to go to get hubby and go to work. Flipping through the channels I stop and watch C-SPAN 2. They were showing the Gubernatorial debate from the night before for New York State. Considering I'm going to be living there next year I stop and listen. The candidates are Elliot Spitzer (the Democrat) and John Faso (the Republican). Both have good ideas, but with Spitzer leading in the polls with more than 65% of the vote, this race is nothing more than a formality.

Now the Wisconsin race can go either way. In one corner you have Mark Green (the Republican) who wants to bring jobs back to Wisconsin and improve education and really lower taxes. In the other hand you have Jim Doyle (the Democrat) whose trying to win the election by 1 - putting the election board in his pocket (namely by denying Green the very same money that Doyle gets to keep), and 2- who lines his campagin coffers with bribe money (big companies give him $$$ and he gives them very lucrative state contracts - Trust me, the feds are looking big time into this.)

Doyle says he froze real estate tax levies. Gee - then explain to me why my RE Tax bill went from approx. 3200 last year and its going to be over 4000 this year - that doesn't look like a freeze to me. A freeze means you draw the line - not raise taxes by almost a thousand dollars.

Yet the race is neck and neck 44.5 Doyle/44.5 Green.


So, did you like what Spitzer had to say?? I do like him and really HOPE he can do what he wants to do, my taxes here are FOUR TIMES what they were in California! Totally outrageous! I guess that's what happens when the taxpayers are forced to repay the government coffers after years and years of political corruption.

Where in NY are you planning on moving to? I live in White Plains, just a half hour north of the big apple :-)
Guess I better considering his opponent doesn't really have much of a chance to catch up.

This is how the RE Tax assessments work:

RE Taxes have always been pretty high in the White Plains area and a few other areas like Utica. It all has to do with the assessment percentage to value of property ratio. The assessment percentage in the City of New York is lower than where you are. Brother lives in a duplex in the City where the assessed value is approx 400,000. His 2006 taxes are about 2400 for the year.

I live in Wisconsin where the RE taxes are extremely high. My house has a $150,000 assessed value my taxes for 2006 will be approximately 4,000 (we pay a year behind here). Our assessment to value ratio is 100%.

Be happy it isn't higher. At least you have the revenue generated by the thruway to keep taxes at the lower level. Here in Wisconsin we have no tolls whatsoever so the RE Tax base is one of the highest in the nation.

This is the only house I'm ever going to own. When I move, its back to apartment living for me.