It was 2012 when I last posted. I'm still in the Charlotte area, and in 6 weeks, I can say I've been employed at the same company for four years. Things have changed since then and things have stayed the same.  Still lean conservative but have become more 'prickly' over the years.  

So a brief catch up: 

 Sadly Obama ended up with an additional four years in office.  During that time the American public became even more divided. The motto of the United States is "United We Stand".  However, the political system we have has worked to divide the country into smaller and smaller groups.  Then the feminists started to vilify ALL men. (more on that later in the post)  FFS, half the country vilifying the other half based on biology.  Not to mention the even stranger shit of there being more than two genders.  A lot more.  From a scientific standpoint there are technically three:  Male, Female or Intersex  

Then when it came time to elect a new president in 2016 we ended up with the following choices:  For the Democrat party: Madame Evil Incarnate who enables a rapist. But for some reason with the Feminist vilifiers, he's ok. This woman also despised our military - and proved it by stranding 4 marines and an ambassasors, causing their deaths.  Benghazi is definately her fault.  It lands squarely on her shoulders as she was Secretary of State at the time and ignored the pleas of the Ambassador when it could have helped.  That was the 'greater evil". 

Wait, the "lesser evil" - the Republican - wasn't much better:  A reality television personality and businessman who's biggest claim to fame is acting like a childish asshole. Donald Trump. Not a politician, not tested in the political arena. Back in 2014 when the Who's running shenanigans began he was the long shot. But when nomination time came, he was the last. man. standing. 

There were two other candidates: Gary Johnson, former Governor of Arizona of the Libertarian party, and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green party.   These two parties don't do much except take some votes away from the main candidates.  Some say they are wasted votes. What they actually are, are protest votes.   

I didn't vote for either of the two main candidates.  I actually voted for Johnson. Because, truthfully, in good consciousness I could not vote for either Hillary or Trump. y, but actually for those men and women who will actually place the votes for the president through our Electoral College.  Each state has a winner take all scenario for Electoral College votes.  Every state is given a set amount of delegates based on population. In the end, the winner of election isn't always the one who gets the popular vote but the most electors from the EC voting for them.   That, was how "The Donald" ended up as the President. 

I didn't vote for either of the two main candidates.  I actually voted for Johnson. Because, truthfully, in good conciousness I could not vote for either Hillary or Trump. 

But here we are, almost two years into a Trump presidency. Economy wise, things aren't that bad.  Trump ran on his platform, and to everyone's surprise, he tackled every one of those promises after he was sworn in.  Some people were pissed off that he begun dismantling Obama's signature legislation of "Affordable Healthcare" - which very quickly became not affordable.  Before O-care I could get insurance for about $300 a month, with a low deductible and low copays  Now its $900 a month (which, by the way is more than my mortgage payment) for a very-high deducible plan.  It's cheaper for me to actually go to the doctor without health insurance.  Think about that for a moment - its cheaper for me not to have insurance.  With the new plan, I would have to pay $900 a month PLUS the TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR deductible before they would pay for anything.  That is almost TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.  I have two or three doctor visits a year at a cost of about $100 each for my primary and $125 for my specialist.   So at most about $525 for the doctors and about $20 a year for a flu shot.  

Ok, now back to the bloody feminists and their vendetta against men.   For some reason they really hate Trump.  I don't know why.  I'm not a feminist and frankly I don't want to be one.  

Thanks to them we live in a world where someone just has to say a man (Bill Clinton is apparently excluded from this) raped or sexually assaulted them and that  man's reputation is trashed — and any chance he had at a promotion vanishes  or even worse, it happens in college and then he's never, ever able to get a job even if he's innocent because no one seems to care about someone's innocence.  

Well now thanks to those who cry wolf, the best possible person who can serve on the supreme court, a true constitutionalist, will probably not get that chance because someone decided to use this smear campaign.  Doesn't matter that the men who committed the act confessed.  Chances are he won't be confirmed. 

People say he can just go back to his Circuit Court post, but in actuality, he will probably still continue to be protested, disrupting court, and will eventually have to resign.  All because someone decided 'she needed to be heard'.  

Look, I get that women are raped and sexually assaulted all the time and they don't come forward.  But coming forward and making false allegations make it harder for those that need to be heard.  

Want to be heard?   Don't cry wolf unless the wolf is actually at your door.  Because all you are doing is desensitizing people and when you most need them they won't be there for you. 


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