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Yes, I know what OWS is about

and yes, I still believe that the National Guard needs to be called out and these camps disbanded. These people are doing nothing but sit around harassing those who pass near their encampments. They are rife with disease, lice infestations, drugs and crime. If the local police departments don't or can't deal with this then call in those who can.

People tell me I don't understand the "Occupy" movement. Not so. What I see are a bunch of people camping out complaining about their lot in life. That they have tons of student loan debt and a degree that they can't get a job with. (Gee I wonder why? Degrees in Liberal Arts, Women's studies or even Modern Dance are there for people to learn and get higher education - not to get jobs with.) You want a job you go to school to get a degree in something practical - like oh, I don't know, Computer Repair or even Welding.

All I hear are people whining about their lot in life. Look, I get it, life sucks for me too right now. However, you don't see me out protesting about it. I'm working to change it. And I'm starting at the top - working to get the incompetent fool in the White House gone.

I'm also doing what I can to find a job. When I am working its not difficult for me to find jobs that pay greater than $15.00 an hour. On my own, with little college, and no college degree. I earned these salaries by working my way up in the companies I worked for - I got the experience. You want the money you have to earn the experience to get it. You don't get it out of the gate. I started at jobs paying $5.00 an hour (the minimum wage when I started was $3.75 an hour - not the $7.25 it is now.) I worked hard, got the experience I needed to get better paying jobs.

That's how its done. You don't protest in a public park for the government to give you this life. It doesn't work that way. You want the big money - you work for it. You go out and get the experience at the minimum wage, or just above, and you show that you can do the job. I had loans from college and technical school that I had to pay back. So what? Your's is more? Who's fault is that - it certainly isn't mine. You could have gone to your local school where tuition is much, much cheaper. You didn't have to go to the college you went to. You chose to go to the school you did. Now suck it up go get a job and pay for those loans. Don't bitch to government about it. It's not their job to find you a job or pay for the mistakes you made by going to a school that was too expensive for you. You wanted to go to that school - now you have to pay the price. Not me. I paid my price; my loans are paid.

That people is the American Dream. You go out and achieve it one step at a time.