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The Math of the Democrats

The democrats love to skew things to make it look better for them. It is a shame they suck at math.

1. Unemployment

According to the left only 1% of the population is unemployed. Really? Last I checked when we talked about unemployment we talked about those who were able bodied and were able to work. To make things look better you decided to include the elderly, children, infirm and disabled... Nice try.

The reported unemployment figure is 9.1% at last count. The actual unemployment figure is about twice that at right about 18%. There are just about as many people who are looking for work that are unable to collect any more unemployment as there are collecting unemployment. Add to that those people who work part time and need full time work that number goes up over 25%. That's right - in America, one in every four able-bodied, able to work Americans are looking for a job. The one thing that hurts the unemployed is that the longer they are unemployed the harder it is to find work - ANY work. Despite the fact you have been slaving your butt off trying to find work, employers see these hard-working, able-bodied people as lazy, when that is the furthest from the truth. We aren't sitting on our asses because we don't want to work - its because no one wants to give us a chance.

Obama's new jobs bill that he wants to ram down everyone's throat will only make that work - employers are not going to even want to interview the unemployed because they will be afraid of getting sued because they turned down an able-bodied unemployed person for an employed person with a better skill set.

2. The debt.

Fancy math again. Obama only added 16% to the debt. What dollars are you using to work that magic. It took us over 200 years to accumulate One Billion Dollars in debt. It took Obama less than two years to double that.

Sorry - in my book that alone is a 100% increase in the debt. In addition his unconstitutional Obamacare plan will add several Billion on top of that making his additions to the debt almost 300%. So don't try to pull that 16% bull. Sure some people will - and are buying that - but those of us who actually check these facts know better.