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Elizabeth Warren - another dumb liberal

It's a shame how Elizabeth Warren doesn't get it. Why should the owner of a corporation pay MORE than he is already paying. He is already paying it forward - he's providing jobs, not only to those that work for him, but also those truck drivers that deliver the goods to the stores where people purchase them and pay sales taxes on them which pay for the police and the fire fighters. The SAME sales taxes that the business owner pays when he goes out and buys goods in the store.

On top of that he is "rewarded" by the federal government by having to pay not only the HIGHEST corporation taxes in the world, but he is also forced to pay taxes in this country on goods that he didn't even sell here. That is on top of the taxes he paid to the country he actually sold the goods in.

So tell me again why should he pay MORE - when he already is paying more. Isn't it better to give this business owner an incentive to keep these jobs here? Asking him to pay EVEN MORE than he already is will only lead to one thing. Remember the employees of the business? That truck driver that delivers the goods? Those police and fire fighters who depend on the businesses in the area who pay sales taxes to the state? Guess what - chances are they will be joining those already on the unemployment line because those jobs suddenly dissapeared because the business owner can no longer afford to operate the business.

And that is a good thing how?

Remember people - its the trickle down effect that works - not the trickle up. If you want to get ahead in this world you have to make it happen, but if we are penalized for it then we are going to have a country of lazy good-for-nothings who live on the dole because it no longer pays to try and get ahead because the government is only going to steal your money and give it to the poor anyway.