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Stupid Liberal Comic

Proof positive that those Socialist radicals on the left just don't get it.

Enron, the Mortgage Crisis, and the effects of the spill in the gulf all happened because of Government oversight.

The Government let Enron overbill their clients when the liberal congress allowed their incessant rate increases without asking why.

The mortgage crisis - Hello people! It was regulations by Barney Frank - the biggest liberal next to Reid and Pelosi in the senate and congress who put forth the regulations saying that banks HAD to give mortgages to people who couldn't afford them.

And the Gulf oil crisis? The Dutch stepped up to the plate and were willing to help us within hours of hearing the spill - but guess what - our government and our president said NO - we didn't need their help. All that happened would have been avoided if our president just said Yes, thank you. But no - he had to let the oil spill get out of control and ruin wetlands.

Sigh. And they wonder why the Tea Party wants less government involvement.