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Obama is becoming his own worst enemy

But let's keep him through the next election because of this - at least his contender will squarely beat the pants off him.

So far he has three impeachable offences (and probably counting):

Obamacare - this health care bill he passed down our throats is unconstitutional. The man is supposed to be a constitutional scholar - what part of the tenth amendment doesn't he understand.

The 'personal mandate' and fine that goes along with it is the biggest unconstitutional part. One - this is a state's right - not a federal one.

History Lesson: The federal government is not there to play 'Nanny' to the states and the people. The role of the federal government is supposed to be this: To represent the states of the United States of America in our dealings with our foreign neighbors and to regulate our common currency. Period - that's it people. It's supposed to be small. It wasn't created to tax us the way they are - it was supposed to be a simple tax, nor to create the Federal Reserve Bank, and certainly not to tell us how to live our lives.

The FRB in itself is an iffy thing, but it certainly shouldn't be what we have - a quasi-governmental agency that is accountable to no one.

The health care issue is something that if a State wants it, it is something they have the right to create. "Romneycare" (as people have come to call it) is legal, and constitutional as it was created on the state level for the State of Massachusetts. It wasn't created for all 50 states - just one.

Next impeachable offence: Fast and Furious.

Really? Giving guns to Mexico so they can smuggle them back into the states? Another unconstitutional action as it was meant so the liberals can push more gun control down our throats and try to take away our Second Amendment rights. You know the one - the right to KEEP and BEAR arms. We all know that Holder or someone in the administration will 'fall on their sword' to save Obama on this one. *sigh*

Another one: Giving Federal Money to questionable "Green" Comapanies.

Oooh -- we got to go out and help create 'green' jobs. Its the way of the future? Really? It is? Finding renewable resources? Really - we have one in abundance right under our feet people - its called crude oil? Remember those empty wells in the Gulf? They are full again - that's right full - as in not empty? Guess what Crude oil is a renewable resource. Surprise!

Solar panels aren't efficient enough - besides they can't create energy when the sun isn't shining so they wouldn't be all that effective in places like, say, Seattle, where it can rain up to 260 of the 365 days in the year.

What about Wind Turbines? Well - they have their faults too - one is it needs to be windy enough to create the spin of the blades - usually a constant 25mph wind. It ends up costing money to run on most days when its not windy enough to propel them.

Another one - they are an ecological boondoggle. The spinning blades kill birds and bats.

Sorry a product that harms our ecology is not very green to me. We need the birds and bats as much as the electrical power.

The Solar Panel Company Solyndra was given monies by the current Obama administration - after the Bush administration had already said that their proposal needed further study.

Guess what Obama? It turned out Bush was right. Just the other day Solyndra filed bankruptcy after telling your administration that everything was 'hunky dory'. More money gone.

Sorry January 21, 2013 can't get here fast enough.

Until then I hope that the SCOTUS can get off their lazy butts and finally tell everyone once and for all that Obamacare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL - so we can get what monies were set aside for it back into our economy and get our economy moving again.

We also need to kill the regulations you put in place. People want to work - People need to work.