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More proof that our President doesn't actually want to create jobs

So Odumba sends a bill to congress today that he said "you must pass this so we can create jobs"




Uh hold on there a minute... Apparently you really don't know what creates jobs do you? Raising taxes on small business owners DOES NOT create jobs. If "Joe the Plumber" has less money after taxes are paid do you really think he's going to hire an additional plumber? Any person with common sense knows that answer to that.

HELL NO! The money is no longer there for him to create the job he wanted to create. Dumb ass. Simple math would have told him that didn't work. If someone has less money they need to tighten the belt, not add to expenses.

This is what is going to happen: "Joe the Plumber" is going to call the last person he hired into his office and tell him that he's going to have to let him go - because the money is no longer there to pay him.

*Sigh* less money = less jobs