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Unions are NOT our friends


A compilation of some of the 'best' union moments so far this year. This is what unions are people - groups of organized thugs out for themselves, not for the good of the people.

Another good union moment came in the wake of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. Gov. Chris Christie said to unionized government employees that if they couldn't make it in they were to call their supervisor.

The union boss said that was an 'unfair hardship'. Unfair hardship? Really? I don't see how this is an unfair hardship. If I'm sick, late, etc. and it effects my work, I need to call my supervisor. How is this a hardship? It's an everyday fact of life! In case you forgot what its called, its a COMMON COURTESY!

In the 1980's I watched how the UNIONS 'took care' of their laborers. My father, when he was working was a member of Local 1 of the ALA (a division of the AFL-CIO)in New York City. They PROMISED that their employees would be kept with pensions and health care in their retirement years. Then slowly they took that away. The promised health care disappeared and then the pension, which was supposed to continue until the spouse of the union worker died, also disappeared.

Thanks to the Union, when my father died, my mother was left high and dry with nothing but promises that died as the heads of the Unions demanded more and more for themselves.

So remember people, Labor Day isn't a happy day, its just a reminder every year that slowly but surely the Unions and the Government are taking our rights away one Liberty at a time.

It's past time that people like Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin should be applauded for their actions. It's past time to fight back against these Union thugs. The Unions were supposed to be there to better the Laborer. That is no longer the case.

I don't know about you, but is beating a dead horse worth it? Its long past time that the Unions disbanded (I know - not going to happen - the Union thugs are not going to give all that power up) and people learn how to depend on themselves and their neighbors.

So this Labor Day perhaps its time to stand up and declare our independence from Unions. Its one of the main reasons why I left New York. I don't want to end up working for a place where I'm a slave to a Union boss. I want to work for myself.

Actually right now I want to work. And its kind of hard to do that with these Union thugs in the way.