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Well at least one peice of good news


At least the federal judges have some common sense.

Before you liberals start saying - we have to have insurance on our automobiles - the answer to that is - Yes, in most states we do have to have auto insurance. However, this is not something that is - or can be - mandated by the Federal government. It is a right of the state.

The biggest reason why the 'mandate' portion of the health care reform bill is being ruled unconstitutional is because it violates the 10th amendment. The right to mandate if a person has health insurance falls to the state - not the Federal government. It has nothing to do with interstate commerce because you cannot by insurance interstate. You have to by insurance in the state you live in.

Thus it is a right that belongs with the state - making the mandate - and its associated fines - unconstitutional.

I'm not saying we don't need some kind of reform, or even a single-payer system like Canada has, but what Obama has tried to shove down our throats is not it - and it is right for the courts to tell him that.