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tv anya

I swear

he drives me batty.

I send Mr. Pain in the butt to the store. Told him to pick up one loaf of bread,tortilla chips and croissants.

He comes back with the first two as well as pretzels, cooking spray and lemons. Uh... I didn't tell you to buy these. What part of get what was mentioned above didn't you understand.

His excuse for the pretzels - I couldn't find the croissants. So you buy something we already have plenty of at home? And the lemons - well, see they had a special. So you get something that I told you you needed to do without?

I could see the cooking spray,so I let that slide. I made him take the pretzels back. And he needed to make a choice between the chips and lemons so he chose the lemons. So the chips went back too.

Now I sent him back to get the croissants. If you can't find it ask someone. What is it with men and not wanting to ask questions. Sigh...

On top of all this his mother's health is failing. Well to be honest it was bound to happen eventually - she is 93 after all. But so quickly? Last week she was fine, this week she needs a walker to get around. I only hope she makes it to the end of the month because we will not have money for gas to get there if she dies before - and we will need to stay at least a week to get things squared away.

I know I said I needed money God, but I didn't mean this way.