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How can you honestly have

a fair debate with a Liberal? I mean seriously how do you argue with someone who's answer to everthing is "Obama is god - he can do anything."

Uh no - sorry Obama is NOT god. The last I checked this country was a Democratic Republic. (that is not a synonym for Democracy people!)

However, more and more our President is trying to turn this into a Socialist country. He also loves scaring the poor and blaming the GOP for his inactions.

He pouts and leaves meetings - important ones where the GOP are coming to him with viable ideas and he's telling them that its my way or no way? Excuse me. What about compromises?

Going on TV and saying that if we don't raise the debt ceiling and come to some kind of an agreement then Seniors, the disabled and the veterans might not get their checks?

And he believes that people are goind to look at that and say - ooo look the GOP is holding back our money. Guess what Mr. President - this is whtat the people see:

The president going on TV and saying that we may not be able to send out these checks. Not the GOP. If these checks, which we do have the money for by the way, do not go out the GOP won't be taking the blame, you will.

Well the people who know better will. Those who love Obama will keep on saying that "Well, he's god and he can do anything. If he's holding back those payments he has a good reason."

Gee I don't know about you, but I really don't think that fucking with the men and women who fought for our country is the best idea. Besides - these men and women fought for our ideals and to keep our country free. And you want to repay them by fucking them?

Oh - and before you wonder - yes I made the mistake of voting for this man. I'm glad I got the wool out from my eyes and have seen the truth. Now we need to get out there and put someone in the office who can fix our problems.