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starfleet command

The one thing I hate more than anything

is when someone god-mods a character.

Don't approve a character for your RP if you are going to constantly mod the character to death.

I have a character that I use for some RP's that is a Vulcan/Trill hybrid named T'Mera. Now, unlike most Vulcans she is not telepathic. However her Vulcan ancestors, her father included are known for their telekenitic abilities.

T'Mera has the ability to lift, and when angry/distressed propel, an object who's weight is no heavier than a full 8 oz (about 1/4 liter) baby bottle. (She does not repress emotions like other Vulcans)

So the other day when I made a post where she was talking to someone who was angering her, trying to get her to turn on a friend, she lifted up a small ceremonial knife (said knife is about the size of a quarter and weighs about as much as a penny) using her telekenitic skills and flung it at the padded wall, where the knife blade embedded itself.

The GM - who approved this character and knew that she could do this - started having a hissy fit that she was able to do this.

Uh - you approved the character and the object in question weighed much less than the heaviest thing she could lift - what's the problem?

Well, apparently having and using are two different things and he insisted that I re-write the post.

As this wasn't the first time this GM pulled this shit, I decided to write the character out of the story - by reassigning her, without notice to a ship that was employed by Starfleet Intellegence to do missions for them.

Sorry I don't play that way.